Moving to our Modern South. 


Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill are drawing families from all parts of the world to join our universities, medical centers, pharmaceutical and technology companies. And more frequently, our local clients-on-the-move are selling their fully designed, finished, furnished homes after completing projects with us. The buyers of these completed residences, it turns out, are those looking for the same turn-key interior experience that initially drew our clients to seek HGID design services - but without the experience of living through the building and decorating project. This buyer may be relocating from another city, or ready for a new life just down the street.  


A few years ago, I began to wonder, what if I offered something unique for this buyer? Not just design-build, but more? By designing, building out, and decorating a home in an accessible style - with knowledge I've gained in 20 years studying the needs of busy individuals and families at home - could I provide something special for the buyer looking for a turn-key solution? Could I build a property that a family could walk into and just start living?


Enter, Heather Garrett Properties. We are fully licensed firm providing design, construction, decoration, and real estate services to those in search of a turn-key solution.


Walk in and live.

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Durham, North Carolina

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